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Babes Wodumo is accused of scamming Endaweni Shisanyama in Durban out of R12 000 after being booked and not showing up. The artist is said to have been paid the money but did not bother to show up.

In a message addressed to Maphepha Ndaba, an Instagram username DJ Givitsa, they shared the events that transpired when they attempted to book Babes Wodumo.

How Babes Wodumo Is Accused Of Scamming

He stated that the message was on behalf of Endaweni Shisanyama in Durban. The establishment engaged with Babes Wodumo three weeks ago when they made a booking and assured her of payment on the 25th.

However, they paid on the 24th due to her consistent follow-ups. Subsequently, the following day, she presented a voice note claiming that her sister, Nondu Simelane, responsible for her bookings, had mixed up dates between Johannesburg and Durban, resulting in three conflicting gigs.

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Babes wodumo scamming
Babes Wodumo-Image Source@X

The establishment found this suspicious, mainly because no promotional video had been produced. They communicated their position to the booking intermediary, stating that if Babes Wodumo could not fulfil the engagement, they preferred a full refund rather than rescheduling or finding a replacement. An agreement was reached on these terms.

After she confirmed her unavailability, Endaweni Shisanyama requested a refund to explore alternative options. Regrettably, no refund has been processed. Instead, she publicly blamed her assistant for the date mix-up. She has been in Johannesburg since last week and hasn’t returned despite being aware of her commitments in that area. Notably, she actively pursued payment while fully aware of her conflicting schedule.

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DJ Reveals Proof of Payment Discrepancies

DJ Givitsa stepped forward with evidence suggesting that Babes Wodumo engaged in deceptive practices. Despite it being January, she reportedly accepted a payment of 12,000. Attempts to reach Babes for clarification have been unsuccessful.


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