Toya DeLazy Cassper NyovestToya DeLazy For Keeping A Grudge Against Cassper Nyovest For Nine Years [Image: @casspernyovest/@toyadelazy/Instagram]

People online have lashed out at rapper Toya DeLazy for keeping a grudge against Cassper Nyovest for a staggering nine years.

And the cause? Fill Up.


Toya DeLazy Takes A Dig At Cassper Nyovest

Toya DeLazy, who had been in the game for longer by then, collaborated with Nyovest on the hit My City in 2014. Toya had roped in the rapper as he was riding on the wave of the mega-hit Doc Shebeleza.

After the song’s success, things went south for Cassper and Toya.

Earlier this week, one fan told the Love Is In The Air singer that My City is one of his favourite songs. Toya DeLazy then gave a rather unexpected response:

“Lol, no lie. I wish I didn’t collab with that kid. Can’t listen to it.”

She added:

“Yeah, waste of a good song. I could have got AKA, but I was young and wasn’t thinking. [I] should have followed Sony’s direction with this one; my heart was too big, and I gave a chance to a vile person. But I’m glad you dig it.”


The Source Of The Grudge Toya DeLazy Has Against Cassper Nyovest

Toya DeLazy Cassper Nyovest
Toya DeLazy For Keeping A Grudge Against Cassper Nyovest For Nine Years [Image: @casspernyovest/@toyadelazy/Instagram]


Her beef with Cassper Nyovest now seems to stem from the latter’s historic Fill Up The Dome concert in 2015. In April, she spoke about Cassper Nyovest and the beef:

“If it wasn’t for My City – the transition to [the] mainstream wouldn’t have happened that easily. We got Cassper on his first flight in his life to CPT to record with us. Lots of us put in for him to be where he is, but because [it’s us] women, it is overlooked.

“That collab went [on] to be the biggest, and not once did he remember me when sh_t was popping, bruh. [At] Fill Up, they were singing my song at the stadiums when we were available and in the country. That shot hurt my career a lot.

“As a youngling, that sh_t broke me – took me years to recover. Actually worst experience, sadly. Wish I had a different story.”

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Mzansi Comments On The Beef

People online had mixed sentiments about the issue.


“Using Cass’s name to be relevant.”


“We only knew about you because of that kid, though.”


“Toya Delazy, between you and Onika 😂 disliking your own songs you made, but then the song does well, and everyone likes it. That’s a special skill. 😁🤗 It happens to #Queens.”


“We only listen to it because you collaborated with Cassper. You are not a big deal, sweetie. Sit down.”


“Toya The Lazy, please heal. Cassper moved on long ago. You even bring AKA in for what? Why not Khuli, Stogie or anyone? Go wake him up and collab with him.”

By Rumpel