Quinton Jones demands spousal support from Minnie DlaminiQuinton Jones with Minnie Dlamini in happier times (Image Credit: The Daily Sun)

 Mzansi Cheers as Quinton Jones Requests R10,000 Monthly Spousal Support from Minnie Dlamini

The South African social media landscape has ignited with fervor and admiration as Quinton Jones demands spousal support from Minnie Dlamini.

Following their widely-publicized divorce in 2022, it seemed as though the former couple had moved forward with their respective lives. However, recent developments have thrust them back into the public eye.

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A Shifting Paradigm: Quinton Jones Demand for Monthly Support

Quinton Jones’ decision to request R10,000 in monthly spousal support and assert his custody rights over their son has sent shockwaves through social media.

The move challenges conventional gender roles, and many netizens are commending Quinton for his bold stance.

Mzansi Cheers for Quinton Jones for demanding Spousal support from Minnie Dlamini
Mzansi Cheers as Quinton Jones after he demands spousal support from Minnie Dlamini (Image Credit: TimesLive)

Online celebrations have surged, with a notable chorus of support from men who view Quinton’s actions as emblematic of empowerment. Among them, Chris Excel expressed his thoughts, stating,

Quinton is demanding R10,000 in monthly spousal support. Minnie thought she was securing the bag, but it turned out she is the bag. Another win for the brothers.

In a light-hearted tone, others have humorously dubbed Quinton a potential chairperson for the next “Men’s Conference.”

Check out some of the reactions;


Viva Quinton Viva


Lol win for the gents, She thought she can do it like Mohale kanti Q is on some Hakimi shiiiid.


Quinton should be the chairperson for our next Men’s conference


The man is probably loaded, he is just teaching her some lessons. That 10k will go into the savings account of the child.

But I am loving it.😁😁😁


What a King…Bro needs to write a book. His smarts must be taught nationwide.

By audrey