Bra Kop facial Spa treatmentBra Kop Facial Spa treatment (Image Credit: TVSA)

“He Doesnt Wanna Age”: Mzansi in Stitches as Former Rhythm City Actor Bra Kop Defies Age with Facial Spa Treatment

Setlhabi Taunyane, fondly known as Bra Kop from his ‘Rhythm City’ days, has set social media ablaze after a picture of him getting a facial treatment emerged on social media.

Bra Kop’s spa experience, including a facial treatment, has both dazzled and bewildered netizens, leading to a myriad of reactions across various social media platforms.

Bra Kop Facial Spa Treatment

Twitter troll Chris Excel threw a humorous twist into the mix by sharing an image of Bra Kop receiving a facial treatment post his Thai massage session.

Bra Kop Facial Spa Treatment sets social media abuzz
Bra Kop Facial Spa Treatment sets social media abuzz (Image Credit: X @ChrisExcel102)

Chris Excel playfully captioned the snapshot, suggesting that Bra Kop is currently reveling in his”Glow Boy Era.”


This picture rapidly gained traction on Twitter, sparking lively conversations and spawning a wave of memes among his dedicated fanbase.

Social Media Erupts with Reactions

The viral image depicting Setlhabi Taunyane’s facial treatment after a Thai massage left social media users simultaneously astonished and amused.

While some expressed disbelief and amusement, others questioned the timing of Bra Kop’s skincare endeavor.

Check out some of the reactions;


😂😂😂aaah no wonder he remains the same Bra Kop for years 😂🙌🏿.


Tyma wants his 1957 young boy looks by fire by force🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.


This man doesn’t wanna age


Bro cop is not giving up soon to old age 😂😂


Bra Kop really doesn’t want to age shem and he’s making sure .

Bra Kop’s Thai Massage Saga

This facial treatment revelation comes merely three weeks after an image of Bra Kop enjoying a Thai massage went viral on social media.

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In tandem with veteran actor Vusi Thanda, the two actors set the internet ablaze with their comical Thai massage pictures.

These images featured Bra Kop and Vusi Thanda being expertly stretched while clad in nothing but boxer shorts. The pictures evoked a mix of shock, amusement, and hearty laughter from social media enthusiasts.

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