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Mzansi in Stitches Over How MacG Allegedly Spent R75k Covid Relief Funds

Mzansi has erupted with reactions following revelations that Podcast and Chill host MacGyver “MacG” Mukwevho was among the list of beneficiaries who received a share of R72 million from the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC).

Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Gayton McKenzie shared the list for the sake of total transparency because his department has been accused of not supporting creatives.

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MacG Among Top 10 Recipients

MacG, known for his outspoken criticism of the ANC government, was one of the top beneficiaries, receiving R75,000. Upon seeing his name on the list, South Africans couldn’t resist trolling him on X (formerly Twitter).

One X user, @ChrisExcel102, humorously suggested how MacG might have spent the R75,000 he received from the ANC government, proposing that he used the money to pay for his then-long-term baby mama Naledi Monamodi. This sparked hilarious reactions.

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Mzansi in Stitches Over How MacG Allegedly Spent Covid Relief Funds

While some pointed out MacG’s hypocrisy in criticizing the ANC government, others applauded him for using the money wisely. Here are some of the comments:


Mac G Spent his Covid relief money wisely 🤣 


I’m laughing coz niggas thought hating on ANC was a good now their dirty laundry is hanging everything


Theres no way, look at how many young people he hired and opportunities he opened and even flew the crew over sea’s… Come on


That’s tax payers wife. The man must bring my wife tonight. As a tax payer It’s my turn. And it’s freezing these days.


Oksalayo he is cuddling every night with his fully paid married wife. Covid relief funds was properly used


He explained in the podcast that they received 90K frm the government and didn’t knw what do with it ..

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MacG Reveals How They Spent Money From Government

Meanwhile, a clip from an old Podcast and Chill episode has resurfaced, showing MacG disclosing that he received money from the government and jokingly pointing out that they fought over how to divide it.

“The government gave us ninety thousand and we had to figure out what to do with it,” MacG said.

You can view the video below:

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