Sandile Mantsoe prison escapeSandile Mantsoe alleged prison escape (Image Credit: News24/ TimesLive)

Mzansi found itself in a state of heightened anxiety as alarming news of yet another prisoner, Sandile Mantsoe, allegedly making a daring escape from prison spread like wildfire.

Sandile Mantsoe’s Alleged Escape from Prison Shakes the Nation

Sandile Mantsoe, previously convicted of the brutal murder of Karabo Mokoena, suddenly found himself thrust back into the spotlight as unverified rumours of his escape from prison proliferated across social media platforms.

The eerie resemblance between the reported escapee and Sandile Mantsoe sent shockwaves through Mzansi. Residents were left astounded as word began to circulate about an enigmatic figure who bore an uncanny likeness to Mantsoe. It was a grim reminder of Sandile Mantsoe’s heinous crime that had led to his conviction, resulting in an effective 32-year prison sentence.

Mzansi on Edge as Sandile Mantsoe Prison Escape Rumors Swirl
Mzansi on Edge as Sandile Mantsoe Prison Escape Rumors Swirl (Image Credit: East Coast Radio)


Not only did he murder 22-year-old Karabo Mokoena in cold blood, but he also attempted to obliterate evidence by setting her body ablaze.

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Another Thabo Bester Prison Escape?

Mantsoe’s notoriety extended far beyond his murder conviction. He had also faced charges of swindling government employees out of a staggering R2 million by enticing them with promises of substantial returns on their investments.

As the news of his purported escape surfaced, Twitter erupted with comparisons between Mantsoe’s situation and that of Thabo Bester, a South African criminal who had eluded authorities for nearly a year, having staged his own demise during a prison cell fire in May 2022. Bester’s eventual capture in Arusha, Tanzania, in April 2023 had drawn considerable media attention.

Check out some of the reactions:


Whose relative works at the prison where Sandile Mantsoe (Karabo Mokoena’s murderer) is supposedly serving 32-year sentence at? I wanna see something. We might have ALLEGEDLY another Thabo Bester in our midst.


Sandile Mantsoe shared a cell with Thabo Bester. I believe he’s out and will be laying low or even returned to the cells until the smoke die down.


Sandile Mantsoe The murderer of Karabo Mokoena is living his best life in and outside Prison. He is doing well on forex trading. He is suppose to be in Prison but has been seen in Braam and Cape Town. Thabo Bester 2.0 Hayi wohlulekile uCyril makayeke.

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Department of Correctional Services Dispels the rumours

Singabakho Nxumalo, the Department of Correctional Services spokesperson, swiftly stepped forward to quell the rampant rumours.

In an exclusive interview with News24, Nxumalo unequivocally confirmed that Sandile Mantsoe was, in fact, securely behind bars, serving his sentence at Standerton Prison in Mpumalanga.

“Sandile is in prison,” Nxumalo declared emphatically, contradicting the claims that had sown panic among some Johannesburg residents.

He implored the public to exercise caution against disseminating unfounded information, emphasizing the critical importance of quashing baseless rumours to prevent them from gaining unwarranted credibility.

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