Innocent Sadiki's houseNetizens Raise Red Flags Over Skeem Saam Actress Innocent Sadiki's Burnt House [Image: @innosadiki/Instagram/X]

South Africans on social media are suspicious of the fire’s genuineness that burnt actress Innocent Sadiki’s house.


Innocent Sadiki’s House Burnt To The Ground

On the evening of July 1, 2024, tragedy struck the home of the Skeem Saam actress and ordained pastor. Her family’s house was charred in an apparent fire accident and was reduced to ashes.

The Skeem Saam star shared a poignant video capturing the aftermath of the devastating blaze. In the footage, she and her husband, Phindulo Sadiki, embraced while tears flowed freely. The once-beloved abode now stood engulfed in smoke, its windows shattered, doors damaged, and ceilings charred.

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Despite the heartache, there is a silver lining: no one was injured. The Sadiki family emerged physically unscathed, but their emotional wounds run deep. Innocent took to social media, sharing their pain:

“From what we called our home, we now have nothing! Our house burnt down today. Lord, you are still our God. We are shattered. We thank God none of us are injured. Pray for us, please”.


Innocent Sadiki's house
Netizens Raise Red Flags Over Skeem Saam Actress Innocent Sadiki’s Burnt House [Image: @innosadiki/Instagram]


Later, Innocent thanked her followers and friends for pitching in to help with donations like clothes for her children. Yesterday, people close to her shared her banking details so that wellwishers could donate.


Mzansi Spooked Over The Incident

As news of the tragedy went viral, people questioned why Innocent had time to record and share the incident on social media. Some then requested pictures of the R3 million house before it burnt.

In the snaps, Innocent’s house looked abandoned, with long grass choking the yard and no windows. Some also alleged that the incident was probably an insurance scam.

Check out some of the sentiments below.


“So she’s scamming people for donations 😭”


“Why did they say they lost everything as if the house was fully furnished & had occupants staying in it?”


“They are now celebrating 🤣🤣🤣🤣Insurance payout!!!”


“💀💀😭 I respect the family’s level of hustling. The money that used to feed Bushiri must at least start going to local pastors.”


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