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Ngizwe Mchunu’s Wife Desires A Second Husband Amidst Calling

In a surprising turn of events, Lindiwe Khuzwayo Mchunu, the wife of Ngizwe Mchunu, is challenging traditional norms by expressing her desire to marry a second husband. This decision comes as she feels neglected by her current spouse, Inkosi YamaBhinca.

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An Ancestral Calling Ignored: Lindiwe’s Plea for Support

Lindiwe took to TikTok on Monday, October 9, to share her plight. She revealed her ancestral calling to heal people, a path obstructed, she claims, by her husband Ngizwe. According to her, he hinders her spiritual journey, and if she ignores her calling, she believes her ancestors will harm her.

Expressing her frustration, Lindiwe stated,

“I don’t understand why we don’t get support from men when we want to pursue our calling. For a long time, I’ve been crying and telling you, his followers, amabhinca, that I am not well. But it’s so sad that my calls have fallen on deaf ears. I’ve been completely ignored. I feel like I’m being made into a housewife. I’ve said that my ancestors are very angry. They want me to heal people. I’m called to help people from all walks of life. If I don’t accept this calling, my ancestors will kill me.”

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The Brave Confession: Ngizwe Mchunu’s Wife Wants Second Husband


Lindiwe confided that she had informed Ngizwe about her intention to seek a second husband due to his lack of support for her calling.

“I told Macingwane that I want to take a second husband because he doesn’t support my calling. For years I tried to hide it. I’m even depressed. It’s so sad when I don’t get support from my husband because my gift is big, and I’m sure I can heal people,” she disclosed.

She revealed her struggle with depression and how the absence of her husband’s support has left her emotionally drained.

“I’m emotionally drained. I’m exhausted of talking to him,” she said.

Efforts by Daily Sun to reach Ngizwe for comments proved futile, as he did not respond to calls or messages.

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Cultural Expert’s Perspective: Sazi Mhlongo’s Warning and Advice

Commenting on the situation, Sazi Mhlongo, a cultural expert and inyanga, emphasized the importance of a husband supporting his wife’s ancestral calling. However, he expressed skepticism about Lindiwe’s intentions, pointing out her desire for a second husband, which he viewed as questionable and driven by lust. Mhlongo warned Lindiwe about the potential dangers she might face if she continues down this path.

“If a woman has an ancestral calling, it’s important that she gets her husband’s support. But this particular calling is questionable because she’s talking about getting a second husband, which proves that she is lustful. She must be careful because she might even die if she continues like this,” Sazi Mhlongo, elaborated.

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