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‘No Idea What He’s Talking About’-AKA’s Brother Takes A Swipe At Nota Baloyi

AKA’s brother, Steffan Forbes, has responded to the outspoken music personality Nota Baloyi, who alleged that AKA’s friends were involved in his death.

In the last few weeks, Nota has accused several people of playing a hand in the rapper’s death. He even publicly dragged and criticised famous individuals who he assumed played a role in the murder of AKA.


AKA Brother Nota Baloyi
Nota Baloyi (Image: ZiMoja)

Unknown killers murdered AKA and Tibz on February 10 near a popular restaurant in Durban, South Africa.

AKA Brother’s Cryptic Post

The star’s brother recently wrote “Save it” alongside a snake emoji on social media.

Following Steffan’s post, Nota further claimed that someone close to AKA was involved in his death.

On Thursday, March 23, Steffen took to Instagram, responding to Nota’s claims.

“Once and for all, this guy has no idea what he is talking about. Never has,’ wrote Steffan.

He added:

“This is the first and last time I’ll be addressing any of the [cap- slang for “lies”].”

Nota Baloyi Responds To AKA Brother’s Post

After Steffan’s post, controversial Baloyi took to Instagram, attacking the rapper’s sibling in a lengthy message posted on social media.

“If I put my family before national duty, I would have more money for them to enjoy, but I’d rather invest in accountability…

“Spoilt-brat little brothers that have accomplished nothing significant with their lives can’t relate to that & that’s why they have no use other than to be a spare. If you leave your own brother to defend himself in this wicked world, then you’ve wanted the worst for him all along.

“You’re not a brother; you’re a death eater, waiting on the corpse of your kin so you can feast like a snake waits until it’s hungry enough to devour its prey”.



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