Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)

Nomfundo Moh Opens Up About Being Bullied And Body-Shamed

Nomfundo Moh Ngcobo, a musician, has released a new single called “Amalobolo,” featuring Big Zulu, and is preparing to release her album, “Ugcobo.” She has been nominated for the 23rd Metro FM Awards twice, which will be held in Mbombela.

Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)
Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)

Nomfundo said that the nominations had boosted her confidence and showed that her music is being recognized by the right people. She previously released her debut album, “Amagama,” and has developed a thick skin due to the attention she has received. Despite receiving both love and hate, she continues to pursue her goal of healing people with her music.

Nomfundo Moh shares her experience of being bullied.

Nomfundo has also faced challenges, such as bullying and social media hate, which almost broke her. She received criticism for things she couldn’t control, like her looks, which hurt her deeply. She shared that:

“I have overcome a lot of challenges, one of them being bullying, social media hate almost broke me. I received a lot of hate from people calling me ugly, some criticising my size and petite body type. People criticise things that I have no control over.” 

However, she overcame those challenges and wrote a song called “Ndabazabantu” to encourage herself and others. Nomfundo believes that people should focus on her music rather than her looks.

Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)
Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)

The artist recently graduated with a degree in Social Work and purchased a house and a car before turning 25. Her final years of studying were difficult because her music career took off, but she had a supportive team and family who helped her through it. She hopes to continue serving her purpose of healing people through her music.

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