Musa Khawula, Gogo Maweni and SK Khoza-Image Source(Instagram)Musa Khawula, Gogo Maweni and SK Khoza-Image Source(Instagram)

Gossip gone wrong: Musa Khawula spills beans on SK Khoza’s HIV status

Actor SK Khoza is currently trending after leaked WhatsApp chats allegedly revealed his HIV status, causing the messages to flood social media.

It appears that Musa Khawula, who shared the chats, is unconcerned about possible legal action or his friendship with Gogo Maweni, who is SK Khoza’s baby mama.

Gogo Maweni asks for the chats to be deleted

The leaked messages involved Gogo Maweni and an unidentified individual attempting to sleep with SK Khoza. Maweni appeared to criticize Khawula for sharing their private chats. Despite Maweni’s pleas to remove the post, Khawula remained unmoved.

Gogo Maweni and Musa Khawula have been hanging out together a lot in the past weeks and are friends. However, this post may turn their friends sour as Gogo Maweni says that SK khoza is still the father of her child and does not deserve the public ridicule fro Musa.

Musa Khawula may face legal action over the issue

Khawula may face legal action for violating South Africa’s privacy laws by revealing someone’s status without their consent or knowledge. The leaked chats suggest that SK Khoza tested positive for HIV and that he once missed a gig as a result.

Many fans are ridiculing Musa for trying to shame someone because of their health in this day and age. Some are calling him backward for trying to stigmalise someone with HIV.

Despite these allegations, SK Khoza has yet to address the rumours that have made him a top trend. Khawula has come under fire from South Africans, and he may be sued by celebrity photographer Dumani Khuzwayo for R500 000.

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