PIC| Prince Kaybee Threatens A Thief With A Gun

PIC| Prince Kaybee Threatens A Thief With A Gun
PIC| Prince Kaybee Threatens A Thief With A Gun

A to-be thief in one of Prince Kaybee’s properties got a shock of his life last Friday after the DJ beat the crap out of him before threatening him with a gun.

The Gugulethu hitmaker posted the pictures of the ordeal on his microblog page.

The DJ was alone in his Mpumalanga house when a housebreaker got into his property at around 11 pm.

The housebreaker managed to pass through two of the DJs security guards.

It is said that the man first knocked at the door to check if there was anyone in the house or not.

Prince Kaybee noticed that there was someone at the door and got out to confront the thief.

But the two got into a fight which resulted in the thief being overpowered.

Prince Kaybee twisted his wrist during the fight, he said on social media.

Speaking about the incident, Prince Kaybee said he still doesn’t know how the man gained entrance into his property since everything is barricaded.

He said he pulled out the gun at the thief when his security guard broke the fight between them.

“I went to the house to get my gun and tried to ask him a few questions, but he didn’t answer. I was scared of what I might do to him.

We then called the cops. I keep my gun for protection because I’ve experienced break-ins, robberies and hijackings,” he said.

The DJ surprisingly did not open a case against the man so he was let go by the police.

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