J Molley Born AgainRapper J Molley Now Born Again After Attempting To Take His Life [Image: @Jmolleyofficial/X]

Troubled rapper J Molley is now born again has since given his life to Christ after attempting to take his life.


The Terrifying Attempt

The musician had people shaken to the core last month.

He shared some disturbing messages on social media, indicating that he was contemplating s_icide.

He wrote a series of tweets that included statements like, “Money doesn’t buy happiness” and “Valhalla, I’m coming… I see y’all don’t know what Valhalla means. I’ll meet you all there.”

Many netizens took his tweet lightly and started criticising him, claiming this was merely an “attention-seeking” ploy.

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J Molley posted a series of alarming messages on social media suggesting he was in the process of committing suicide. He then locked himself in a hotel room before taking six bottles of codeine, 100 pills of alprazolam and a bottle of brandy attempting to end his life.

He was then rushed to the hospital, where medical personnel saved him.


J Molley Now Born Again

J Molley Born Again
Rapper J Molley Now Born Again After Attempting To Take His Life [Image: @Jmolleyofficial/X]


Recently, the rapper shared an update on his life, revealing he is embarking on a spiritual journey and that he will dedicate the coming months to seeking clarity and understanding of his purpose in God’s plan.

He also shared that he is saved and has started dedicating his life to serving Jesus Christ.

“All praises to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, the son of our almighty God. Tonight, I pray you fill my heart with innocent joy and gratitude. Thank you, Lord, for everything. Let the Holy Spirit lead me wherever it needs me to go. I come as A Humble Servant. 

“I too am seeking help for my mental health issues. The first step is getting rid of denial. Then comes realising you can’t deal with your issues alone.” 

J Molley’s life is now back on track and he seems to be in a better frame of mind.

Recently, he linked up with fellow rapper Emtee and they are working on a joint project. J Molley is so enthusiastic about the project that he is investing R500,000 in it.

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