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Nonku Williams, a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Durban,” is currently being sued by Peet Viljoen. This action follows Nonku’s public accusations against Peet’s wife, Melany Viljoen, which she made during her appearance on “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip SA,” now airing on Showmax.

Nonku Williams alleged that Peet Viljoen had subjected his wife Melany to abuse and suggested that Melany was involved in a solitary cult. Nonku also insinuated that Peet exerted control over Melany’s life decisions, including her choice not to have children, and claimed that Melany idolizes her husband.

Legal Response by Peet Viljoen

These statements have prompted Peet Viljoen to take legal action. As reported by Rapport, Peet has filed a defamation lawsuit seeking R1 million in damages.

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In a statement to The South African, Peet Viljoen firmly denied the allegations. He defended their mutual decision not to have children, highlighting that Melany has no family to support her in the event of his absence. He stated:

“Mel has literally no family left, nobody to assist should anything happen to me. We are not living in 1955. Women are not worth less when children are not what they desire. I am taken aback by the baby-shaming on the show.”

Peet further emphasized his commitment to defending women against abuse throughout his career as a divorce lawyer, saying:

“As a divorce lawyer, I defended women against abusive men for 17 years. I have reapplied to practice law after a court found that I have been wrongfully prosecuted for nearly 15 years. I have five sisters who would have slapped the silly out of me if I had abusive tendencies towards women.”

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Nonku Williams’ Silence

Despite the seriousness of the legal action against her, Nonku Williams has not yet made any public comments regarding the lawsuit.

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