Rich Sugar mama looking for sugarboy
I am rich Sugar mama looking for sugarboy
My name is Lebo, I’m a wealthy businesswoman living in Fourways South Africa. I was married once, and my marriage ended four years ago but I have a lovely daughter from my previous marriage. My daughter is nine-years-old and mostly lives with my ex-husband in the UK.

I am 37 years and I’ve been in and out of relationships but I’m tired of dating men I can’t control. My ex-husband is a white man and a workaholic. He never had time for me and cheated on me every time with younger women. I grew tired of that and divorced him.
Now I’m seeking something different, I want a man I can control. A man who knows What a woman my age wants in every angle of my life.

Rich Sugar mama looking for sugarboy

I am rich Sugar mama looking for sugarboy
I’m a very wealthy woman on my own, so when it comes to dating, I don’t mind how much money the sugar boy has, even if he is very poor, I will provide for him as long as he makes me happy. The same goes for his race or nationality, I believe love, and dating, and relationships should not be affected by such. I would like to state though that I would prefer a strong young black man between the age of 25 – 35years. Fit, smart, clean, and can hold a good conversation.

Money won’t be a problem, if our relationship is a success, we can get married and start a family. And what is mine would be yours.

By Letho