Hello everyone, my name is Amancia and I will be straight to the point, I am lucky to be born and grow up in a rich family. As you know we Jamaicans, we have a reputation to be a little crazy, and partying and having fun is our signature. My dad asked me to come down here to South Africa to check on some of our investments. I am currently staying at Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa.

Honestly, why does he stress me, we already have so much fun, I am looking for someone who is young or at least my age, guess my age wink. But yea guys, I didn’t want to come down here, but since I am here already, please someone lets link up, I don’t want to date or have a relationship because I already have two boyfriends back in Jamaica, I just want someone who knows all the fun areas we can go to and have lots of enjoyment.

Rich Jamaican Girl looking for someone to date

It’s an added advantage to have a driver’s license because I want to be driven around, and it would also be nice to know how to give a massage and put lotion on my back when we are on the beach.

I am willing to pay up to Five hundred American Dollars plus free food and drinks to the person I will choose. But you have to be warned, I am rich and spoilt and what I say is what goes.

So drop your number and your picture in the comment section so that I can see if you are good-looking and have a good body.

I hope I am not too demanding guys, I was just told that there are lots of good guys with potential here, especially students who are struggling with fees and if that’s the case I will be happy to increase the allowance but you will have to earn it.

By Letho