Hello All, I am 35 year old Ruth(I know I look young) and I am a businesswoman here in Sandton South Africa.

Originally I came from Congo and settled here and married a white man who unfortunately died in a car crash. Luckily my husband deeply loved me, and left me all his wealth, houses by the beach in Capetown, luxury cars such as Bentley and Mercedes Benz, and a thriving construction and manufacturing business.

Honestly, I don’t lack anything in life but I am tired of being lonely and am ready to try dating again. I didn’t want to date or be in a relationship before because I felt that I should be loyal to my late husband but that it’s been five years since he has passed, I feel I have mourned him enough and that’s it’s now fair to me if I start dating again and have a bit of fun.

Single woman looking for a young man to date

To be honest guys I am rich, so since I have a lot of money, I want to make it clear that I am not looking for a relationship that’s equal or where I have to respect or kneel before the husband. I want someone younger than me to date and spoil, someone, who obeys my commands, someone who will treat me like the queen that I am and cater to my every need when it comes to making love.

In return, I am willing to pay school fees or give a monthly allowance and if I really like you, I will consider marriage, it would be nice to have a child or two that we can leave the wealth to when we grow old and die.

Oh, I must add that for this relationship to be smooth and flawless, those interested in dating me must have a great sense of humour, my late husbands used to make me laugh so much and I wanna be happy again, drop your picture and phone number in the comments so I can check if you meet my requirements.

By Letho