Scandal: Simo and Violetta Are Busted, What’s Next?

Now that the cat is out of the bag about Violetta and Simo’s affair, what’s going to happen to Simo and Violetta?

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Well, we know that Simo is definitely not leaving the show because he’s replaced Romeo Medupe…indirectly! Sandile Mahlangu’s name is part of the permanent cast of the show, check the credits when the show starts! Cindy Mahlangu’s name isn’t on the list and she’s also on The Queen.

This probably means they didn’t get the same contracts! Violetta will probably leave the show and run away to Europe or something. She’s an aspiring actress on the show and gorgeous and can hook up with another millionaire husband just like that.

Mamba will definitely be out for blood when he finds out because Simo is like his son and Violetta is his wife. Mamba is also reeling because Simo couldn’t get the hotel he promised him since Grace wants nothing to do with him and didn’t transfer the funds he needed for a fake hotel.

We are going to see Simo begging Violetta back, but will it be too late? Both Violetta and Simo are selfish beings and they only look out for number one.

If Violetta takes Simo back, it will be temporary because she’s not the kinda woman to stick around and face the music. 

Simo will probably not run away with her, if he does, it’ll be temporary as they hired him because of Romeo’s replica even though he will never be Romeo and Romeo might still come back.

We are going to find out just how dangerous Mamba is…

The two “so-called” siblings who debuted at the same are about to learn a thing a two… The two have an undeniable connection and chemistry on-screen and while some fans will miss them, some won’t. 

The most hilarious thing about Cindy’s characters is that she’s also currently playing the role of Siyanda on The Queen where she’s about to face the wrath of Dollar who is also playing Mamba on Scandal. In The Queen, the actress stole Dollar’s millions and now has to pay it all back or face death.

The current storyline: Simo wanted nothing to do with Violetta recently when he found out Violetta poisoned his wife Grace so she could miscarry his child. Mamba’s daughter might probably be the one to break the news to her father that her stepmother; Violetta is cheating on her dad with his accountant; Simo. 


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