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Scandal’s Sandile Mahlangu Accused Of Insulting A Girl After A Hookup

Scandal actor Sandile Mahlangu, has gotten himself in a bit of a fix after he ghosted on a woman after hooking with her.

The woman, identified as Nessa Hashy claimed that she met to with Sandile Mahlangu at a club and they hooked up, only for him to ghost her later and block her number.

Scandal’s Sandile Mahlangu Accused Of Insulting A Girl After A Hookup

Sandille Mahlangu
Actor Sandille Mahlangu

Nessa then went on to publicize an exchange between her and Sandile in her DMs and the Scandal actor was less than polite to her

She posted the exchange on social media, saying

“Yeah so I met Sandile Mahlangu at a club and we hooked up then he ghosted me and blocks my number. So I decide to slide in his IG dm and this is the savage response I get,”

Sandile served her with a scathing reply, writing

“Lol you are sad and all that energy you have pent up in your upset little fragile heart will be the reason why you stay beneath my shoe. You were not even worth this response. I just wanted to give you the news flash that you don’t matter.

Me knowing that you will read this and realise just how pathetic you are gives me all the joy. Heal. “Seen” my job here is done. Now I will block you and I will forget about your existence like you were a pimple,”

Several tweeps were outraged and called him out for insulting and degrading the girl.

Sandile Mahlangu however denied Nessa’s claims saying he doesn’t know her and he didn’t send such a message.

Some also accused the girl of provoking him first as she didn’t publicize the part where she messaged him and what she said, just his responses.

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