Shauwn Mamkhize Carte BlancheShauwn "Mamkhize" Mkhize's Dramatic Carte Blanche Saga [Image: Carte Blanche/YouTube]

In a riveting episode that sent shockwaves through the airwaves, Durban businesswoman Shauwn “Mamkhize” Mkhize found herself in the hot seat as Carte Blanche delved into a highly publicised fraud case from 2005 involving her company.

The investigative journalist Govan Whittles probed Mamkhize’s alleged involvement in tax evasion, fraud, and forgery. Here’s how the dramatic sequence unfolded.


The Setup

Carte Blanche probed how the Msunduzi municipality sponsored Royal AM with R27 million when the town’s finances were in shambles.

When the Carte Blanche labelled her a “convicted fraudster”, Mamkhize thought this was reaching. She filed a cease and desist against the show. When Carte Blanche filed its own legal papers for the case, Mamkhize withdrew her application hours before the court could hear it. The show gathered evidence of her fraud conviction in the 2000s.

The opulent businesswoman then sat with Carte Blanche for an interview, which poked holes into her story.  Mamkhize faced challenging questions and was presented with incriminating evidence.

The question, “A millionaire businesswoman, a convicted fraudster, and alleged tax evasion… Does fame and fortune get you a clean slate?” seemed difficult to shake off for Mamkhize.


Mamkhize’s Defense Against Carte Blanche Fire

Shauwn Mamkhize Carte Blanche
Shauwn “Mamkhize” Mkhize’s Dramatic Carte Blanche Saga [Image: @kwa_mammkhize/Instagram]


Staunchly denying personal culpability, Mamkhize deflected blame onto her company. She asserted:

“But it can’t be me because that wasn’t me… it’s the company.”

Some criticized her handling of the interrogation, emphasising that Carte Blanche was not a platform for PR but rigorous investigative journalism.

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The Verdict

Investigative journalist Govan Whittles highlighted a guilty verdict and conviction related to tax evasion, fraud, and forgery in 2005, 2011 and 2012, respectively. The court of public opinion found Mamkhize wanting. They jeered at her for showing off ill-gotten wealth. Some questioned the logic behind challenging THE Carte Blanche for an interview.

Twitter cliques ganged up on anyone who tried to back Mamkhize online.

Responding to the terrible publicity online, Mamkhize posted:

“This week, no weapon formed against me, you, your family, my family, our hearts, our health, mind and soul shall prosper.”

It’s a mess.

Watch it all below.








By Rumpel