Shebeshxt Daughter Dies AccidentShebeshxt with his daughter (Image: TikTok)

More Heartbreak for Shebeshxt: Rapper’s Daughter Dies in Polokwane Car Accident

In a shocking turn of events, popular South African rapper Shebeshxt has been involved in a horrific car accident that has left him with devastating injuries and personal tragedy. Details of the incident remain scarce, as the rapper’s management and the South African Police Service (SAPS) have yet to release official statements.

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Devastating Loss: Shebeshxt’s Daughter Dies in Polokwane Car Accident

The rumour mill suggests that the accident occurred on the R37 road near Smelters mine outside Polokwane, not far from the town of Chuene. Unverified video footage indicates that Shebeshxt not only lost his car in the crash but also his right foot. Adding to the heartbreak, unconfirmed reports claim the rapper was travelling with his daughter, who tragically passed away in the accident.

The news of Shebeshxt’s involvement in the car crash has sent shockwaves through his fanbase and the broader public. On the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), a user with the handle @pmcafrica commented on the devastating turn of events, saying,

“Shebeshxt story is just crazy.. apparently his daughter passed away in that accident and he lost a foot 💔”

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Mzansi Reacts to News of Shebeshxt’s Daughter’s Death

In the comments section, some suggested that the rapper had sacrificed his daughter while others felt sorry for the Twerka hitmaker and remarked how he will never be the same again given the way he publicly showed his love for her. Here are some of the reactions:


Too sad, dude loved his daughter. He’d wish he died instead, he will never be the same again.


Some witchcraft type sh*t


Drinking & driving is very bad
RIP to the daughter 🕊


Sacrifice happened there the foot 🦶 and daughter


His daughter passed away 🥺he’s not going to be the same again 💔

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Previous Warnings to Shebeshxt

Interestingly, earlier last month, Shebeshxt had fans concerned after he revealed on Instagram that there were people after him. Shebeshxt posted, “They hired people to kill me. Pray for me.”

Sometime this year, “prophets” and sangomas warned him about people plotting to take his life. A popular sangoma, Mkhulu Qheba, warned the rapper to be careful. He claimed that he saw a vision of a woman putting muti in Shebeshxt’s food while he was at a gig in Vaal.


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