Shebeshxt foot accidentShebeshxt (Image: Zikiph'ni)

Video: Rapper Shebeshxt Loses Foot in Second Car Accident

Controversial South African rapper Shebeshxt was involved in a serious car accident on Saturday evening near Polokwane. The incident occurred on the R37 road, close to the Smelters mine, as the rapper was en route to a scheduled performance.

Fortunately, emergency responders arrived promptly and rushed Shebeshxt to the hospital for treatment. This marks the second time in less than six months that the rapper has been involved in a car incident.

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Disturbing Eyewitness Video Shows Shebeshxt Lost Right Foot in Car Accident

A video shared by MDN News on X (formerly Twitter) shows the aftermath of the accident. The footage shows the shirtless rapper lying motionless on the ground, with what appears to be a bandage on his head, suggesting he sustained head injuries. Most alarmingly, the grainy video also seems to show that Shebeshxt has lost his right foot in the latest car accident.

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Public Reaction and Speculation

The disturbing video has elicited a range of reactions from the South African public. While some expressed sympathy for the rapper’s plight, others expressed scepticism about the true identity of the person shown, noting the lack of visible tattoos. Here are some of the comments:


Is this really him, I see no tattoos?


According to the video, it seems like the foot is missing. He lost his foot or it the camera 📷


It looks like he is in pain 😬😬😬and it seems like he lost his foot 😳 😕


Damn bro lost his leg 😭


🥺I don’t see his other foot 🙆‍♂️ and has had Injuries. Hope he will recover soon

You can watch the video of Shebeshxt after the accident below:

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