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Mzansi Stunned: Shebeshxt Neglected at Public Hospital Following Devastating Car Accident

South Africans are reeling with shock after revelations that acclaimed rapper Shebeshxt was left unattended for hours at a public hospital following a car accident that claimed the life of his 9-year-old daughter.

The Limpopo-born rapper was taken to Polokwane Provincial Hospital after being involved in a devastating car accident.

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Source Reveals Why Shebeshxt Was Neglected at Public Hospital

The incident, which occurred on the R37 Road next to the Smelters Mine in Limpopo on Saturday night, tragically claimed the life of Shebeshxt’s nine-year-old daughter. Her untimely death has since been confirmed by the Twerka rapper’s family in a statement released on social media. The family also provided an update on Shebeshxt’s condition, stating that he is under medical supervision.

A source, who spoke to Sunday World on condition of anonymity, revealed that Shebeshxt was left unattended for hours at the public hospital because he does not have medical aid cover.

“Shebeshxt does not have medical aid, so they took him to a public hospital, where he was not assisted for some time,” said the source.

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Julius Malema Steps In

Upon hearing of the rapper’s dire situation, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) president Julius Malema intervened and requested that Shebeshxt be transferred to a private medical facility.

“Fearing that he could lose his life, Julius Malema was then called, and he demanded that Shebe be taken to Netcare Pholoso Hospital, a private healthcare facility in Polokwane, to get medical help.”

Malema is said to be covering the rapper’s medical bills, which are running into hundreds of thousands, as he recovers from his injuries.

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Public Reaction and Outcry

The news that Shebeshxt was left unattended at a public hospital due to a lack of medical aid has sparked shock and outrage among South Africans. Many expressed disbelief that the rapper, who is currently one of the most sought-after artists in the country, did not have medical aid considering his earnings from gigs. Here are some of the reactions:


So this guy had no medical aid 🤔. Out of the money he makes per month, he couldn’t just set aside R3k for medical aid cover? Yah neh.


A tragic loss of his daughter 💔, many artists live for the moment they need financial education. Drinking and driving ruins lives well done to
@Julius_S_Malema for a kind humanitarian gesture umuntu ngabantu !!


The sad part is that he was on his way to the ANC celebration.

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