Social Media Erupts as Old Picture Reveals Enhle Mbali's Influence on Black Coffee's Rise to FameEnhle Mbali with Black Cofee in happier times (Image Credit: TimesLive)

South African actress and media personality Enhle Mbali is trending on social media after an old picture of her with Black Coffee and Murdah Bongz surfaced on social media.

Enhle Mbali was once married to Black Coffee before they got divorced in 2019 after four years of marriage.

They were once Mzansi’s most loved couple before their highly publicized divorce.

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A blast from the past: Enhle Mbali & Black Coffee’s Old Picture

An old picture of Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee from back in the day has created a buzz on social media. The picture which was seemingly taken in 2007 shows Black Coffee and Murdah Bongz behind the decks while Enhle Mbali and other man stood behind them.

Mzansi Reacts as Old Picture of Enhle Mbali Supporting Black Coffee Goes Viral
Mzansi Reacts as Old Picture of Enhle Mbali Supporting Black Coffee Goes Viral (Image Credit: X @TebogoCalvin93)

The picture appears to have been taken when they were still dating before they got married.

Social Media Buzz: Mzansi Reflects on Enhle Mbali’s Role in Black Coffee’s Success

The picture has got social media users talking about how Enhle Mbali stood by Black Coffee when he was still making a name for himself. Social media users argued that Enhle Mbali has always been there for Black Coffee and that she contributed to his success.

Check out some of the reactions;


Can we agree, judging by this picture, Enhle did contribute in his success and kept him grounded


Nuh I actually understand why she hates his guts she was there when he was dusty 😂😂


Fam, she was there before the weaves and I’m sure it was cold that night.


Enhle deserve half of everything he owns 🤞🤞


I thought couples that start from the bottom together, dies together kanti.. 😭


Enhle was there since day one, it is said that it didn’t work out 😔

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