DJ Zinhle AKAAKA and Kairo Forbes [Image Credit: AKA/Instagram]

South Africans React Emotionally As DJ Zinhle Shares An Update On AKA’s Daughter Kairo

South African were left emotional after DJ Zinhle shared an update on AKA’s daughter Kairo Forbes following the heartbreaking death of her dad last week.

Kiernan Forbes, also known as “AKA”, was killed by a gunshot outside Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban last Friday (February 10).

DJ Zinhle AKA
Kairo Forbes & AKA dancing (Image Credit: Screenshot from Kairo Forbes video)

DJ Zinhle, the mother of AKA’s daughter, has been grieving the loss of her baby’s father by posting memories of the two, Kairo and AKA, on social media.


On Thursday, famous DJ Zinhle told her followers about her daughter’s state since AKA’s tragic death.

In a video shared on DJ Zinhle’s Instagram, her seven-year-old daughter said she was feeling pretty.

“Kairo, how are you feeling today?” DJ Zinhle asks.

“Pretty,” Kairo replies.

In her recent update, the singer, known for the hit song “My Name Is”, thanked her fans for their prayers.

“@kairo.forbes is feeling pretty today. Thank you for your love and prayers. She is so old,” DJ Zinhle wrote.

 Below are some of the comments from South Africans reacting to Dj Zinhle’s post.


She probably does not understand that she will never see her daddy again. Only when she is older, she will start feeling it and the feeling will remain with her forever. 


I don’t think she understands what’s happening… I don’t think she knows she won’t ever see her daddy. She’ll wake up one day and say she wants daddy and that’s when it will hit


It’s so unfair no child deserves to lose a parent so young sorry, baby girl

However, other Twitter users criticized DJ Zinhle for posting an update on how Kairo is feeling following the death of AKA.


Using the little girl to mourn the death of her truth love isn’t a way to go about it, got to feel for her husband


But this update was just unnecessary kids should be protected from social media. Let the child be, without having to share her videos to the public. I think as a parent you must first ask yourself if your child would have liked you to post this..