AKA NellieAKA and Nellie Tembe (Image: ghbase)

South Africans Voice Concerns Over NPA’s Timing On AKA’s Late Fiancée Nellie Tembe’s Death Announcement

South Africans are bemoaning the National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) ill-timed announcement concerning the death of AKA’s ex-bae, Nellie Tembe.

On Friday night, tragedy struck when Nellie Tembe’s former boyfriend, rapper AKA, was shot and killed in Durban after a night out with friends.


AKA Nellie
Nellie Tembe ex-lover, AKA [Image: Instagram/@akaworldwide/@tkmogotsi]


The NPA’s announcement, which left Mzansi questioning the board’s timing, came a few days after the hip-hop rapper was pronounced dead together with his friend Tebello Motsoane. Both AKA and Tebello were shot and killed in Durban.

The National Prosecuting Authority, on Monday, declared that AKA is off the hook in the tragic demise of AneleNellie Tembe, who died after falling from a CT hotel.

Prior to NPA’s announcement, the NDPP had blocked Tembe‘s family from gaining access to their daughter‘s case docket, even after they requested to make representations about the decision not to prosecute AKA.

Following this incident, the NPA released a statement which reads:

“As a result, thereof, the inquest regarding the death of Ms Tembe was delayed pending representations to the NDPP.

Subsequently, an application to have access to the docket was served on the NPA in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA) after an initial request to have access to the docket was denied. At the time of Mr Kiernan Forbes’s death, the PAIA application was pending and the attorneys appearing for Ms Tembe’’s family had not lodged their representations to the NDPP.”

However, South Africans on Twitter were unimpressed with the NPA‘s announcement, blasting it astoo little, too late and an illadvised move.


But why would the NPA choose to release this statement publicly today, this will just fuel speculations and assumptions 🤦🏾‍♂️


I wonder if they bothered to inform AKA of this development with the family trying to the dockets and their conclusion to not prosecute. Maybe he would have moved differently and stayed away from Durban 😥


The timing of this confirmation is horrendous


Why now? The timing of this release is suspicious. Seems like we r led to think otherwise