Mpumelelo Queen LollyMusa Mseleku and his son Mpumelelo [Images via @musamseleku]

‘Stay Away From Grannies’: Watch Musa Mseleku’s Word Of Caution To Son Mpumelelo After Queen Lolly Drama

Musa Mseleku met with his son Mpumelelo and advised him to zip up his pants following his sex scandal with Queen Lolly.

Musa Mseleku, the famous TV personality, travelled from KwaZulu-Natal to Johannesburg to speak to his oldest son Mpumelelo. 

He wanted to give him a warning and some advice after a tough week of negative attention involving the South African  ‘celebrity side chick’ Queen Lolly.

Mpumelelo Queen Lolly
Queen Lolly [Images via Instagram @queen_lolly_sgananda]
A 21-year-old footballer hogged the limelight for all the wrong reasons after singer Queen Lolly leaked an intimate recording of herself and the Swallows FC soccer player making love.

Warning his son to desist from dating clout chasing women, Mseleku said:

“Don’t do what you are doing. I was sent by your mothers. MaCele said I must tell you that she is warning you to stay away from grannies. MaYeni, your mother, said I must tell you that you must love yourself, don’t involve yourself in everything. Show self-love, protect yourself, and protect the people you are dating.”

“MaKhumalo is asking why did you not speak up before you ended up in this mess because we are here for you. We are your family. We are your protectors. While MaNgwabe said she was disappointed because she is very fond of you,” Mseleku Snr said to his son.

He added:

“I want to advise you to zip your pants up. Dating old women who have been sleeping around and share their vaginas with the whole nation will hurt you.”



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Lately, Queen Lolly said that she had intimate relationships with the musicians Big Zulu, Master KG and the late AKA, as well as the retired footballer Teko Modise.