"Stay Out Of My Business With Master KG": Queen Lolly Attacks Makhadzi

“Stay Out Of My Business With Master KG”: Queen Lolly Attacks Makhadzi

Queen Lolly has told Makhadzi to stay in her lane and not get involved in her issues with Master KG.

All this drama follows after Queen Lolly alleged that she was once Master KG’s side chick, and during the duration of their sneaky relationship, she had Master KG’s baby.

However, Master KG decided to clear the air and set the record straight.

Taking to his Twitter account, Master KG revealed that Queen Lolly was not his baby mama.

Makhadzi, who is in a relationship with Master KG, also took to her social media page and questioned how Queen Lolly could have a 9-year-old child with Master KG, given that they have only known each other for 5 years.

Queen Lolly then responded to Makhadzi on Instagram live.

“This video is for this vetkoek Makhadzi, listen here sis, you and I are involved with Master KG. Stay out of my business with Master KG, You know exactly what happened. You have sent me a message and you have also deleted the message, why did you delete it? You will not finish what you are starting, please leave me alone!”
“If you want to talk about calculations and want to create content with me because you feel as though you own Master KG, you do not own Master KG!”

Watch the video below:

Queen Lolly is currently involved in a legal battle with the Mseleku family due to the publication of an audio recording in which she engaged in sexual activity with Mseleku Jr.

In response to the lawsuit, Queen Lolly has told Mr. Mseleku to refrain from interfering in his son’s personal affairs. She said:

“I don’t understand why you, as my father-in-law, would defend this when you were not present.

“I received a letter from your lawyers, but I don’t understand why you would go to social media and mention me — your daughter-in-law,” she added.

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