AKA Mother Nadia NakaiLynn Forbes lauds Nadia Nakai for loving her son AKA (Image Credit: News24/@lynnforbesza)

“I Am Forever Indebted To You”- AKA’s Mother Lauds Nadia Nakai For Showering Her Son With Love And Affection

Lynn Forbes, the mother of AKA, has publicly thanked Nadia Nakai for showering her late son with love and affection.

Lynn Forbes praised Nadia Nakai for her strong support and admiration for the musician AKA.

AKA Mother Nadia Nakai
AKA’s mother gives props to Nadia Nakai for loving her son (Image Credit: Instagram via @lynnforbesza)

Lynn Forbes posted an emotional message on her Instagram account to thank Nadia Nakai. She wrote:


Love is not a reason to tolerate disrespect

@nadianakai, I am forever indebted to you for the way you love and respect my son to this day.

You showed him what real love and respect is and you brought out the absolute best in him.”

AKA’s mom said that she nurtured her son AKA with love, and when the rapper was alive, his girlfriend Nadia Nakai also showed the same passion.

“Kiernan was born with love, raised in love, and gave love to so many, and all he wanted in return was to be loved and respected in the same way. You gave that to him, and he died surrounded by love.

Thank you.”

Lynn Forbes shared Sylvester McNut’s love quotes which describe true love and what it entails.

“I don’t think most people understand what true love is. It’s not the cheesy “couple goals” posts for Instagram. It’s not the fancy dates, the happy hours, or the majestic nights laughing at silly movies. True love is waking up in the middle of the night to help you when you’re sick because I don’t want you to be sick alone. It’s being your shoulder to cry on, to vent to. True love is being your biggest cheerleader and toughest critic. True love is looking at each other on a spiritual level, a level so deep, that you can feel them when they’re gone. True love is six little words, “no matter what, I got you.” ~ Sylvester McNut.



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Lynn Forbes also expressed appreciation for South Africans and fans of AKA, who showed sympathy and gave support during difficult times.