Linda Mtoba-Image Source(Instagram/LindaMtoba)Linda Mtoba-Image Source(Instagram/LindaMtoba)

Former Isibaya Actress Linda Mtoba Narrates Her Emotional Tale of Fatherly Abandonment

Linda Mtoba is usually not a big fan of sharing her private life with the public. However, when a fan asked her a question on Twitter she indulged her followers with a little bit of information from her childhood which she had never shared before.

Linda Mtoba opened up about the greatest heartbreak she experienced as a child. Growing up with a single mother, she said her father‘s absence made her feel especially hurt on special occasions such as birthdays.

When a fan asked on Twitter when she first remembers feeling heartbroken, she said it was when her dad didn‘t come or call her on her birthday. She was only four years old at the time.

Linda Mtoba-Image Source(Instagram/LindaMtoba)
Linda Mtoba-Image Source(Instagram/LindaMtoba)

The 31yearold actress also noted that her mother had to take care of her and her siblings at a young age. Her father had broken both their hearts, she said. Linda added that her father had passed away which, in a way, saved her from more heartache.

Linda Mtoba shares how her father’s abandonment broke her heart

A Twitter fan asked her, “When was the first time you recall feeling heartbroken as a child?”

Linda opened up about the experience she could not forget that happened when she was a kid.

“My dad not coming or even calling for my birthday. I waited all day for him and ran to the phone inside when it rang. My (mom,) family had thrown me a party. Still, all I wanted was [for] him to come or at least care enough to call. He didn’t. Maybe I was 4,” the 31-year-old replied.

Linda, who celebrates her birthday on November 11, shared that her mother had to become a single parent at a very young age and take care of the actress and her siblings.

“My mom was only 23 having to deal with such, hectic. Not only did he break her heart but he did it to me too. And she was also just a baby nkosi yam.”

The former Isibaya actress then later added in a follow-up tweet that her father has since passed away, which she said saved her from more heartache her.

By Letho