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The Glitz And The Grimy: RHOD Star Sorisha Naidoo And Billionaire Husband Vivian Reddy Make Unlikely Appearance In Gold Mafia Exposé

Actress Sorisha Naidoo and her billionaire husband, Vivian Reddy, have sparked controversy after they were spotted in the Al Jazeera documentary ‘Gold Mafia’.

Although the Gold Mafia series received more attention in Zimbabwe than in South Africa, a particular flashy moment caught the attention of Mzansi.

The documentary provided further insight into the Gupta family’s interference in state affairs, which was already known to some extent.

The well-known South African actress and her husband were also seen socializing with members of the “Gold Mafia” in the documentary.

As Twitter users took notice of their appearance in the documentary, Sorisha Naidoo and Vivian Reddy faced criticism from many fans who never expected to see them associated with such a controversial topic.

The “Gold Mafia documentary” revealed numerous high-level connections in both South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Many wealthy individuals, who were once highly regarded, were exposed as their questionable dealings were brought to light.

Sorisha Naidoo and her billionaire husband Vivian Reddy were seen attending the wedding of the Gupta family’s daughter in the documentary, which left many with varying opinions.

Fortunately, they did not appear in the documentary for any questionable activities. They were merely shown as guests who dined with the wealthy individuals associated with the Gupta family.

Social Media Reacts

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They say behind every great fortune there’s a great crime…

@Kgaulole Mosowe

Saw them too, did my maths, and🤐 also remembered when he said he’s in the process of building a casino in Dubai on RHOD


O Sorisha n Husband were VVIP together with our dirty politicians n this was back in 2013 when the Guptas illegally landed their private jet at Waterkloof airforce. Birds of the same feathers flock together


Haibo!! Am I the only one who saw Sorisha and her husband on Gold Mafia with the Guptas in that party? 😳 Kanti who makes money legally in South Africa. 


By jdt