Thabo Bester

Thabo Bester’s Suspicions Confirmed| Ex-Inmate and Political Leader Gayton McKenzie Speaks Out

Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader, Gayton McKenzie, has made a shocking statement by declaring that convicted raper and murderer Thabo Bester, is destined to meet his demise.

McKenzie predicts that one of Bester’s fellow inmates will fatally stab him shortly.

Bester, who had escaped from a privately-run prison in Bloemfontein last year, was recently re-arrested in Tanzania.

Gayton McKenzie, who has firsthand experience of life behind bars having served 15 years for two separate robberies, has added to his previous statement by suggesting that Thabo Bester will also be financially exploited by the infamous numbers gang.

McKenzie has even insinuated that the numbers gang has issued a hit on Bester.

“Thabo Bester is already a dead man, he will be stabbed by a prisoner. He is a walking ATM in jail for the 26 gang. You can never run away from a hit issued by the numbers gang (nothing personal, just big money),” McKenzie wrote on his official Twitter account.

South Africans React To Gayton McKenzie’s Claims

Gayton McKenzie’s statement has stirred up a backlash among South Africans, with many expressing their outrage in the comments section.

The overwhelming majority of the comments were directed towards McKenzie himself, as people made it abundantly clear that they were not amused by his declaration.

Below are some of their comments:


This is a very gross and disturbing thing to say. Unless you want to tell us that you already know the plan or you are part of it


This is just plain jibberish for someone who claims to be a leader. Real leaders know when to talk, how to talk, where to talk & most importantly why should they talk. Not every matter deserves to be commented on, some are better left off.

Thabo Bester Finally Eats Prison Food Amid Poisoning Concerns

Thabo Bester’s lawyer revealed during his initial court appearance on Friday that he had refused to eat since being deported to South Africa on Thursday.

Bester claimed that he feared for his safety and refused to eat the prison food, suspecting that it might be poisoned. He requested that his legal team provide him with meals instead.

However, the magistrate dismissed his plea for special treatment and ordered him to eat the same food as the other inmates.

On Saturday, the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) issued a statement confirming that Thabo Bester had started consuming his meals once again.

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