Dr. Nandipha Thabo bester

Unforgettable Birthday Nightmare: Thabo Bester Assaults Dr. Nandipha In Front Of Guests

New information is surfacing about Mzansi’s infamous criminal duo, revealing that Thabo Bester had physically assaulted Dr. Nandipha on her birthday last year.

Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, a well-known influencer and celebrity physician, turned 34 in September 2022, and rumors among her circle of friends suggest that her birthday was a traumatic experience.

Last year, Bester staged a daring escape from the Mangaung Correctional Centre in Bloemfontein by faking his death.

After his escape, he sought refuge with Dr. Nandipha, and the two of them resided in a grandiose mansion worth R12 million.

Why Thabo Bester Beat Dr. Nandipha

Approximately four months after Bester’s jailbreak, the couple arranged a celebration for Dr. Nandipha’s 34th birthday.

According to sources close to the doctor, an innocent dispute over seating arrangements quickly escalated into an ugly altercation.

Reportedly, during the birthday celebration, Bester proposed something that Dr. Nandipha disagreed with, and in response, the convicted rapist and murderer proceeded to physically assault her by repeatedly slapping her delicate and flawless cheeks.

“On the day he slapped Nandipha, it was based on the seating arrangements. He told Nandipha that he was in charge of her party, and he should be the one who should decide who sits where and how.”

Bester, known for his fiery temper, violently attacked Dr. Nandipha in front of guests who were gathered to celebrate her.

The attack caused him to become extremely agitated and he proceeded to flip over tables in a fit of rage.

Following the incident, Bester attempted to forcibly remove Dr. Nandipha from the premises, but she refused to leave.

Her friends accompanied her to Sandton Police Station to report the assault, only to be advised by the authorities to resolve the matter between themselves.

Serially-Abusive Thabo Bester

According to the friends who spoke to Sunday World, Thabo Bester had a habit of physically abusing Dr. Nandipha in the presence of her two young daughters.

These children were from her previous marriage to Dr. Mkhuseli “Mac” Magudumana, before their divorce in 2018, as reported by The South African.

Recently, there was a leaked audio recording, allegedly from Thabo Bester to Dr. Nandipha, that raised suspicions.

The audio was a high-pitched WhatsApp voice message in which Bester can be heard threatening to kill both Dr. Nandipha and her husband, accusing her of ignoring his calls.

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