The Tiny Thief: How Thabo Bester Stole Thousands Of Rands At The Age Of Four

Since March 2023, South Africa has been consistently astounded by convicted criminal Thabo Bester’s unfolding saga.

How he was able to win over the affection of Mzansi’s beloved Dr. Nandipha or how he managed to secure the loyalty of the entire G4S staff at Mangaung Correctional Centre, who were on his payroll is still a mystery.

Furthermore, the mystery deepens as to how the ‘Facebook Rapist’ amassed a fortune valued at more than R3 billion while being incarcerated for an incredible ten years.

Rich And Powerful While Jailed

According to Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Service (JICS) inspector Judge Edwin Cameron, Thabo Bester showed no signs of remorse despite his prolonged imprisonment and appeared to have generated even more wealth during his time behind bars.

It appears that Thabo Bester’s penchant for unlawful activities and disregard for rules started at an incredibly young age.

Reports suggest that even as a preschooler, at the tender age of four, Bester had already developed a knack for stealing and lying, leading to him being disliked by those around him.

How Thabo Bester Stole Thousands At Four

At the age of one, Thabo Bester was taken by his mother, Maria Mabaso, to live with her parents, Johanna and Abel Bester. He resided with them until his late teens, when he ventured out on his own to pursue a life of crime.

When Bester was just four years old, he once arrived home with a huge sum of money.

His grandfather was perplexed and inquired how such a young child had obtained so much cash.

Bester then claimed that he had received it from a businesswoman named Nelléne Louw, based in Kibler Park.

In order to avoid any complications, Bester’s grandfather decided to take him to the businesswoman, Nelléne Louw.

In a recent interview with IOL, Louw recounted the incident, stating that when they arrived at her store, she informed Bester’s grandfather that she had not given the child any money and that Bester had actually stolen it.

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