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‘This Is Some Crazy Business’ Lady Amar Reacts To Botswana President Jamming To Her Song

Thando Duma, known as DJ Lamar, is making waves with her hit song Hamba Juba. Recently, the President of Botswana was seen dancing to the song at the Forbes under 30 event. Thando Duma expressed her gratitude to her fans on Instagram and thanked Batswana for their love and support.


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Hamba Juba is a success and a hit

Many of her fans have taken to social media to congratulate her on the song’s success. They believe Hamba Juba has the potential to become a national anthem. One follower wrote, “Hamba Juba is a national anthem period! It will take a lot for another song to overtake Hamba Juba at this rate.” Another follower added, “You deserve this and everything that’s coming your way momma.”

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Lady Amar’s Excitement Over the Song’s Success

Lady Amar
Lady Amar-Image Source@Instagram

Thando Duma spoke to City Press about her excitement over the song’s success. She explained, “I knew when there is Murumba and Cici in one’s song it will be a banger, but I did not expect it to be this huge. It is topping the charts every other day. It has been on top from the day we released it till this day, I am just like, ‘what is happening?’ I get scared every day about this song.”

Lady Amar music has brought joy and happiness to people, and it is no surprise that even the President of Botswana is dancing to her song. With her unique sound and infectious beats, Thando Duma has proven that she has what it takes to be a global music icon.

By Letho