Edwin Sodi and Karen Zulu break upEdwin Sodi and Karen Zulu-Image Source@X

Celebrity magnet and entrepreneur Edwin Sodi has reportedly ended his relationship with his fiancée Karen Zulu, adding another layer of complexity to his current legal challenges.

Unraveling the Relationship Drama

Sources close to the couple suggest that Sodi decided to end the engagement just weeks before facing the loss of his valuable assets in a public auction.

Insiders claim that Sodi retrieved designer bags he had gifted Zulu, citing her alleged lack of support and excessive demands as the primary reasons for the breakup.

Zulu, known for her influential presence on social media, took down all shared pictures with Sodi from her profiles, signalling the end of their high-profile relationship.

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Legal Woes and Relationship Strain

The turning point in their relationship coincided with intensified scrutiny from legal authorities investigating Sodi for alleged criminal activities and tender fraud.

A source disclosed that Sodi had implored Zulu to maintain a low profile on social media, given the mounting legal pressure. However, Zulu allegedly continued flaunting their opulent lifestyle, disregarding Sodi’s advice.

Edwin Sodi and Fiancée
Edwin Sodi and Karen Zulu-Image Source@X

“Edwin is currently facing significant challenges. He repeatedly urged her to refrain from social media posts as their lifestyle came under scrutiny. Unfortunately, Karen, being the influencer she is, persisted in showcasing their extravagant life,” the source revealed.

Wedding Plans Put on Hold

The couple, reportedly engaged a year ago, had postponed their wedding after details were leaked on social media, leading to increased public attention.

Sodi allegedly reclaimed expensive gifts, including the prominently displayed bags, and asked Zulu to leave due to what he perceived as her unsupportive behaviour during this tumultuous period.

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Financial Fallout: Auctioning of Assets

In a recent development reported by Sunday World, Sodi’s lavish mansion in Morningside has been listed for sale at a staggering R75 million. Additionally, his cars, properties, and company were auctioned off, with more commercial properties slated for auction later this month.

Both Sodi and Zulu were unavailable for immediate comment, with Zulu deleting her social media accounts earlier this week.

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