Woman buries newborn babyWoman forced to dig up grave she buried newborn baby-Image Source@X

A video circulating on social media captures a disturbing incident where community members compel a woman to dig out a shallow grave where she buried her newborn baby.

MDN News on X recently shared the video, revealing an angry mob confronting the woman at the location where she had buried her child. The community members, filled with outrage, questioned her actions, demanding an explanation for burying a child she carried to full term.According to reports, the woman, previously seen pregnant by members of the community, gave birth at home and subsequently buried the newborn before resuming her daily life. Suspicions arose when community members noticed she was no longer pregnant but could not find any trace of the baby.

This led to the community apprehending her, forcing her to unveil the shocking truth about the fate of her child. In the background of the video, numerous women expressed their anger, condemning the woman for allegedly committing such a heinous act against an innocent life.

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Community Outrage

The video depicts a visibly upset crowd, questioning the woman’s motives and expressing their collective anger. The sense of betrayal and shock within the community is palpable as they confront the woman about the suspicious circumstances surrounding her baby’s disappearance.

Reports have it that this is not the first time the woman has buried a baby after giving birth.

Shocking Revelation and Public Reactions

As the crowd forces the woman to unearth the shallow grave, the shocking reality unfolds. The video captures the intense emotions of the community members as they witness the disturbing aftermath of the woman’s actions, leading to widespread condemnation.

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Below are some of the comments on the heartbreaking video:


She belongs in jail or mental institution. What the hell!

@ Sbo508

I hope she gets arrested and also get help this can’t be normal


And people will ask how do we know Drug dealer’s in our community, the communities know themselves

By Letho