DJ Tira and Tipcee-Image Source(Instagram)DJ Tira and Tipcee-Image Source(Instagram)

Tipcee makes a sound decision to return to Afrotainment

Tipcee Ndaba has returned to DJ Tira’s Afrotainment label, just three months after leaving following a fight with Tira’s sister over a boyfriend.

A source who is close to the label and the artist dished out the tea on what was the reason for Tipcee leaving the label saying:

“That’s where it all began. They dated the same guy and then got into a messy fight. But Tipcee dated the guy first. Instead of addressing the guy, Tipcee attacked the guy,”

Tipcee has also addressed the issue and made it clear that she is now in good books with DJ Tira’s sister saying:

“Hay, ngikhathele! I am tired of this story and explaining myself. She and I are fine, Tira and I are also fine,”

Reasons why Tipcee had left Afrotainment by DJ Tira

Tipcee is back at Afrotainment-Image Source(Instagram)
Tipcee is back at Afrotainment-Image Source(Instagram)

According to a source within the Afrotainment camp, Tipcee has been forgiven but is currently under probation. Tipcee had initially left the label because she felt undervalued, but the move backfired and she suffered financially.

When asked about the issue, DJ Tira denies knowing about the fight between Tipcee and his sister. He also says that his label has welcomed Tipcee back because he does not abandon his artists.

The fight with Tira’s sister over a man is said to have been the root cause of the falling out. Tira claims that he is only dealing in the music side of the artist’s business not her private life. However, Tipcee has confirmed that she and Tira’s sister are now on good terms, and she and Tira have also reconciled.

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