Kabza De Small and DJ Tira-Image Source@InstagramKabza De Small and DJ Tira-Image Source@Instagram

‘Tira has more bathing days’ Kabza De Small And DJ Tira’s Age Get Mzansi Talking

A recent Twitter controversy surrounding South African music producers Kabza De Small and DJ Tira has ignited a debate among fans. The discussion was initiated by a controversial Twitter influencer who shared pictures of the two artists alongside their ages.

The influencer posted a picture of Kabza De Small, which received mixed reactions from fans due to his appearance. On the other hand, DJ Tira’s image was widely praised and deemed more appealing, despite him being older than Kabza.

Chris Excel, the Twitter influencer, only shared the artists’ pictures and ages without providing further context.

Kabza De Small’s Age

Kabza De Small-Image Source@Instagram
Kabza De Small-Image Source@Instagram

Kabza De Small is known for his love of beer, which has become a subject of mockery among fans. Many believe that his frequent consumption of beer is making him appear older than his actual age of thirty.

Contrastingly, DJ Tira, who is forty-six years old, has been commended for maintaining a well-maintained physique.

Fans have even remarked that DJ Tira is “aging like fine wine.”

Reactions from Fans

After Chris Excel shared the pictures, the post received numerous comments on Twitter. Here are some of the top reactions:

“It makes sense that Tira looks older; he has more bathing days than Kabza. Wait until Kabza turns 49.”

“Kabza is not well-regarded. The doctor said one glass per week, but he drinks two Hannesays per day.”

“These are the results of drinking beverages every day, not consuming enough water, and having an unhealthy diet.”

“Kabza and his crew drink alcohol even while recording in the studio. Drinking alcohol every day will take a toll.”

“The first photo was taken with a phone, while the second photo was captured by a professional photographer with a high-quality camera. There were also edits made. (Kabza, I tried).”

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