Tweeps Call For SABC1 To Axe Uzalo

SABC1 To Axe Uzalo

Tweeps Call For SABC1 To Axe Uzalo

Uzalo’s woes continue to mount on the cast and its producers who are still working tirelessly to ‘get it right once again’.

Gone are the days when Uzalo was Mzansi’s most loves show that broke records monthly with increasing number of viewers.

When the show came on the small screens, there was hope in Mzansi that more quality content from new faces in the industry was to be the order of the day.

But alas! Many have acclaimed.

Now going for its season 7; Uzalo has turned to nothing but one the most hated shows on SABC1 – this, despite maintaining its number one spot with a huge number of viewers than any other show on the channel.

The show has been going down the drain for some time now.

Last year, it was widely alleged in papers that SABC gave the show producers a warning to pull up their socks after going on a dowslope, losing millions of viewers.

The show reported an 11.4million viewership in April 2020 and declined to an 8.8 million viewership in October of the same year. In January this year, it reported 3 million viewers.

Luckily, its viewers have revealed the reasons for this huge loss.

Uzalo’s storyline has never changed from the start of the show – it has always been about car hijacking and drugs.

Viewers claim the show has only been focusing on Nkunzi and his shenanigans, with nothing more constructive from other characters.

Some blame its team of writers who are not open to criticism or new ideas on social media.

Uzalo recently roped in the prominent businesswoman and socialite, Shawn Mkhize to make her first debut into acting career for season 7.

This, as four of their big stars – GC, Mxolisi, Thobile and Mastermind – who were laid off last year got recalled to revive the failing show.

The move was done to revive the storyline and gain more viewers.

But that seems not to be working well at the moment.

People want change, and they want it now.


Tweeps Call For SABC1 To Axe Uzalo


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