Nadia Nakai in the Us in January 2023 (Image Nadia: Nadia Nakai/Instagram)

WATCH| A Look Into Nadia Nakai’s Impressive Sneaker Collection

Rapper Nadia Nakai recently displayed a variety of her one-of-a-kind and bespoke sneaker collection to her fans after she shared a video on her social media page.

Nadia Nakai has an extraordinary fashion sense that is hard to match. She appears stunning in any outfit she dons, be it an exquisite dress and heels, effortlessly pulling off the look.

However, there’s a certain appeal to her when she’s casually sporting her sneakers.

Recently, on her Instagram Stories, she shared her “insane” sneaker collection, which delighted her online followers.

In the brief video, she mentioned that she was organizing her sneakers after revamping the shelving in her storage space.

While sorting her sneakers, she realized that she had amassed a vast collection and had run out of shelf space to store all of them.

The storage room’s floor was covered with a plethora of sneakers. Nadia expressed her reluctance to part with some of the shoes as she hadn’t even worn them yet.

Watch the video below.

How Nadia Nakai Is Coping With AKA’s Death

Nadia Nakai appears to be gradually coming to terms with the loss of her boyfriend, musician AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes.

AKA, along with his longtime friend, celebrity chef Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, was fatally shot outside Wish restaurant in Durban.

According to IOL, Nadia Nakai and AKA began dating sometime in 2021, and despite their efforts to keep their relationship under wraps, they eventually announced it on social media in March 2022.

Although she is still mourning, Nadia Nakai has started to return to work, and she took to Instagram to express her appreciation to her fans who have shown her love and support during this difficult time.

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