Bongani Fassie-Image Source(Twitter)Bongani Fassie-Image Source(Twitter)


Watch: Bongani Fassie Faces Domestic Abuse Charges

Bongani Fassie, son of the late singer Brenda Fassie, is in hot water once again as his longtime partner Buhle Sangweni has accused him of abuse.

Taking to the popular Instagram gossip page Maphephandaba, Buhle shared images of her bruised eye and legs, claiming they were a result of the alleged violence. Buhle and Bongani have been together for 15 years and in this latest altercation, Buhle also alleges that he vandalized her apartment.

Bongani Fassie-Image Source(Twitter)
Bongani Fassie-Image Source(Twitter)

Posting a video on social media, Buhle can be heard saying, “This is my house. He literally broke everything. Everything is broken. This is what Bongani Fassie did.” Buhle further expressed that she does not stand for abuse, “I don’t tolerate abusive nig*as and today, I am going to speak up. I am tired of being hit all the time.”

Watch video of Bongani Fassie in Domestic Violence Scandal below:

Bongani has since gone to the hospital and has been unable to speak to the media regarding the incident. The police are now involved in the situation, while Buhle has apparently promised to share more details with the blog.

Bongani previously wrote on Instagram :

“I still dream about you and need your affection and everything that comes with it, BUT as it is at the moment I wish you nothing but the best and pray for you while I heal from everything that has happened to me. I still got it for you no matter how bad. So I want to say and remind you that God is light and you should follow it forever more, please don’t Let the darkness devour you, be vigilant and woke for the grace of the almighty God is forever. Let real love be your true compass.”


By Letho