Skeem Saam burst into our Television screens in 2011 and never left. The show focuses on the challenges faced by a group of community members in the small village of Turfloop in Polokwane.

When two naughty youngsters stole a car and accidentally killed one of their neighbours, a series of lies, betrayals and secrets started and eleven years later, the show is one of the most popular shows to ever grace South African television.

Most of the original cast members are still a part of the show and that includes Clement Maosa who is one part of the two naughty bits who stole a car, the other half being Thabo Maputla who was portrayed by Cornet Thibiso Mamabolo.

A Tik Tok video of Pretty, Eunice Kwaito and Tbose is making the rounds and it has Viewers shocked at how young the guys started.

The four people mentioned above all used to be students at Turfloop high at some point, even Mapitsi.

The video shows young and naive Eunice and Pretty having a chat at lunchtime in their uniform and Thabo comes along to talk to them. He asks them if they know where Mapitsi is and then a few moments later, Kwaito appears.

The video shows just how far these actors have come with the show.

Kwaito on Skeem Saam
Kwaito on Skeem Saam. Image: Instagram

Pretty is currently locked in a strange and tiresome arrangement with Lehasa and Khwezi and Eunice is recovering from an addiction and becoming The Executive after inheriting Fanie’s millions which turned out to be Lehasa’s.

Thabo married Mapitsi but left her soon after to work abroad and Kwaito is now a teacher at Turfloop.

“You guys have literally grown in front of us mos”

One commenter said,
Clement Maosa also couldn’t believe how young he looked on the video.

Fans of the show expressed gratitude at the level 9f dedication these youngsters have shown throughout the years in the industry.

In the video, when Tbose approaches the girls, Eunice freezes and Pretty asks her what’s wrong.

“I’m afraid of older boys” Eunice responds.

This response seems funny to the fans considering where Eunice ended up in the story.

She has to be the one character that changed the most on the show, from that young innocent and cute little girl to what she became. Eunice became the most hectic character out of them all.

Watch the video of the younger guys below: