Costa Titch dies-Image Source(Instagram)Costa Titch dies-Image Source(Instagram)

WATCH| New Video Footage Shows Costa Titch’s Final Moments After Falling Off Stage

A new video has emerged online, showing a different view of what happened to Costa Titch just before he died at the Johannesburg Ultra Music Festival on Saturday night.

On Sunday, a video was shared online showing Costa Titch falling off the stage twice. In the video, he was helped up by his backup singer and seemed to be okay, but then he fell again.

Costa Titch and AKA-Image Source(Instagram)
Costa Titch and AKA-Image Source(Instagram)

However, the newly released video shows Costa Titch collapsing twice before falling off the stage and having a seizure. Security quickly ran to help him, and the video stopped with him still shaking.

This new video gives us more information about what happened during Costa Titch’s performance, which was a sad event.

Costa Titch died while performing on stage, although the exact cause of his death is unknown. In a new video, it appears that he had a seizure which caused him to fall off the stage. 

You can watch the video below:

Social media users speculated that the bright lights at the Expo Centre in Johannesburg could have caused the seizure since the Big Flexa singer had epilepsy.

The family of Costa Titch has confirmed his tragic death. They are still trying to process the shock of his sudden death.

“Death has tragically knocked at our door. Robbing us of our beloved son, brother and a grandson, Constantinos Tsobanoglou (28), who South Africa had come to love and idolize under his stage name “Costa Titch”. It is with deep pain that we find ourselves having to acknowledge his passing at this time.”

“We are thankful for the emergency responders and all those present in his last hours on this earth. As a family we are faced with a difficult time as we try to make sense of what has befallen us and ask that we be afforded the time and space to gather ourselves.”

“The Tsobanoglou family thanks you for the love and support you have given to our son and may you continue to uplift him even in spirit. Please keep us in your prayers and uplifted in the Lord,” wrote the family.”