Mihlali and Leeroy-Image Source(instagram)Mihlali and Leeroy-Image Source(instagram)

Watch: Mihlali Ndamase Serenades Leeroy Sidambe For Their Anniversary

When it comes to Mihlali Ndamase and Leeroy Sidambe it is easy to see how much the couple is in love. The two kept their relationship under wraps for some time before they went public last year. Their relationship was wrapped in a lot of controversies as there was drama that Leeroy was still married to his ex-wife Mary Jane.

The two took to social media to show that they were celebrating their first anniversary yesterday. Mihlali went out of her way to make sure that Leeroy felt spoiled on their important day.

Mihlali and Leeroy-Image Source(instagram)
Mihlali and Leeroy-Image Source(instagram)

It’s heartwarming to see Mihlali Ndamase putting in effort to surprise her boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe on their anniversary. She organized a small party for two at his office and hired a saxophonist to serenade them as they danced together. This is a beautiful gesture of love and appreciation.

Watch the video of Mihlali Ndamase and Leeroy Sidambe below:

However, it’s important to note that there were past allegations of abuse between the couple, which is a serious issue. Mihlali Ndamase was spotted with a cast on her leg, and Leeroy Sidambe had a gash on his head. Mihlali Ndamase refused to comment on the incident, and some of her followers speculated that Leeroy Sidambe might have been responsible for her injury.

The anniversary has come as a surprise to many fans as they thought that the couple had separated. Some fans took this as a message that they were still together and that the violence rumours were wrong. Many followers and celebrities congratulated the two on their love and wished them more years together.

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