Costa Titch dies-Image Source(Instagram)Costa Titch dies-Image Source(Instagram)

Breaking News: Rapper Costa Titch dies

South African artist Costa Titch has died at the age of 27. He reportedly collapsed while performing at the Ultra South Africa festival in Johannesburg. Unconfirmed reports on Twitter suggest that he suffered a seizure on stage before he fell and passed away. His team has yet to confirm his death.

Costa Titch began his career in entertainment as a dancer before transitioning to music. He achieved success with his hit song “Nkalakatha,” which featured AKA and Riky Rick. Unfortunately, both AKA and Riky Rick have also passed away.

Costa Titch dies-Image Source(Instagram)
Costa Titch dies-Image Source(Instagram)

Last month, Costa Titch performed with Akon at Cotton Fest, and Akon even inducted him into his record label, Konvict Music.

Rapper and Dancer Costa Titch Dies while perfoming

Below are some of the comments on the internet:


“Legends are leaving us😭RIP Costa Titch💔


“What have we done? To who? Whatever is happening in South Africa right now, it’s not it. Costa Titch died after he had a seizure & collapsed on stage at Ultra. Costa entered entertainment industry as a dancer, but over time he transformed & became a rapper #CostaTitch #RIPCostaTitch.”

Costa Titch and AKA-Image Source(Instagram)
Costa Titch and AKA-Image Source(Instagram)


“oh God, he had a seizure that must have been a bad one. Sad 😢 just wondering if he was already diagnosed because if you are epileptic, flashing lights at certain intensities or to visual patterns can trigger seizures. It’s known as photosensitive epilepsy just saying since he was on the stage.”


“There’s some sort of Cult happening ka SA MUSIC INDUSTRY🤞🏾.
RIP Costa Titch 💚💚💚.”

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