Patrice Motsepe and Katlego Danke-Image Source(Instagram)Patrice Motsepe and Katlego Danke-Image Source(Instagram)

Billionaire Baby Daddy? Katlego Danke Sets The Record Straight On Patrice Motsepe Rumors

South African actress Katlego Danke has addressed rumors claiming that she is the mother of billionaire Patrick Motsepe’s child.

It has been alleged that the President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) fathered a child with the actress from Gomora in 2014.

It has also been alleged that Motsepe impregnated the former Generations star again and that they recently had a second child together.

Some Twitter users went a step further and lauded the actress for allegedly being in a relationship with the wealthiest black person in South Africa.

Some suggested that she should be invited to speak at an upcoming women’s conference to share her insights on achieving financial security.

A few women even expressed envy, stating that if the rumors are true, the actress is now financially secure for life.

Katlego Danke has now publicly addressed the allegations and has refuted them, stating that they are “unfounded and malicious rumors.”

She reiterated that she would drag the people fanning these rumors to court and sue them. TimesLIVE reported:

“Papers will soon be served on various individuals identified as culprits in this regard.”

Patrice Motsepe, exasperated by the rumors, has sent his legal team from Bowman to address and debunk the allegations that he impregnated Katlego Danke.

“On behalf of Dr. Patrice Motsepe, we put on record that the allegation in the media that Dr. Patrice Motsepe has children or a relationship with Ms. Katlego Danke are absolutely false and fake news

“These allegations are defamatory and expose the disseminators of these false and untrue allegations to allegations of legal liability.”

The one-page statement also acknowledged an article in which Danke clarified that Motsepe was not the father of her child.

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