“We Had To Cut Our Losses”| Zodwa Wabantu Responds To R15000 Theft Claims

“We Had To Cut Our Losses”| Zodwa Wabantu Responds To R15000 Theft Claims

Dancer Zodwa Wabantu has refuted allegations of theft amounting to R15000 after a case was opened against her.

Brigadier Selvy Mohlala, spokesperson for the Mpumalanga police, confirmed that a theft case had been opened against the provocative performer.

“The investigating officer is still busy with the case, and no arrests have been made.”

According to a report by Sunday World, Zodwa Wabantu had been scheduled to entertain audiences at four different locations in Mpumalanga on the 4th of March.

These venues included Coyotes Pub & Tshisa Nyama in Mbombela, Matsulu Old Complex in Matsulu, Club Da Groove in Sabie, and Busy Corner 1348 in Nkomazi.
She only managed to perform at one joint. One establishment owner vented to Sunday World:

“People spent their money believing they would see maponapona (nudity), but they saw dololo (nothing).”

Attendees at the aforementioned venues were reportedly furious with the club owners, alleging that they had been deceived and robbed by false advertising. The owners had apparently paid Zodwa a deposit of R15000 in advance.

The promoters of the events are now demanding their money back and are calling on Zodwa to provide an explanation to the people of Mpumalanga as to why she failed to honor her bookings.

Zodwa’s manager Terrance Olifant revealed what happened on the day, refuting that they stole R15000:

“We got to Coyotes around 9 pm that day, and she was ready to perform, but the entire evening turned into a nightmare. The guys said it was too early for the sister to perform, so we travelled to Matsulu in our V-class for the first performance.

“Before reaching Matsulu, we hit a pothole, and we had to spend a lot of time changing the tyre. When the tyre was fixed, we drove to the next event, and she performed even though there was no security. When she was done, we delayed due to issues around the balance.

“It was frustrating because this was a discount. We normally charge R25000 a venue. On our way back, the road was closed due to bad weather. We needed another hour to go back and find a new route and travel another hour and 30 minutes. While on the new route to Nkomazi, we hit another pothole and had no spare tyre left.

“We waited a long time before the guys we left at Coyotes came to our rescue. When the drama came to an end, Zodwa was completely exhausted and needed to rest. When she woke up, she had flu, and I took her to a doctor. After that, she paid R9000 to get new tyres for the V-class. We realised that it was no longer feasible.

“We had to cut our losses and go back to Fourways, Joburg. They cannot demand their R15000 back when we spent so much and didn’t make money from the gigs.”

By jdt