Jub Jub R100 MillionJub Jub (Image Credit: MDN News)

“What A Joke”: Jub Jub’s Hefty R100 Million Claim Against Moja Love Ignites Social Media Frenzy

Social media is abuzz with Jub Jub’s recent R100 Million claim against Moja Love for allegedly breaching a contract.

Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye, who was popular with viewers, was recently let go by the TV channel Moja Love.

Jub Jub R100 Million
Jub Jub sues Moja Love [Image: Moja Love]
Jub Jub, the former host of the popular reality show Uyajola 9/9, is demanding almost R100 million in payment from his former bosses for breaching their contract and not paying his wages and money he was owed for his work on the show.

Jub Jub’s lawsuit sparked noise on social media as South Africans were shocked to hear that he is demanding a staggering R100 million from his former employer.

Tweeps believe that the R100 million lawsuit is justified because Jub Jub played a significant role in making Moja Love popular and relevant.

However, another section of social media users criticized Jub Jub for demanding a hefty R100 million from his former bosses. They thought it was ridiculous for him to ask for such a large amount.

Most people do not think Jub Jub will win his case against Moja Love because they don’t believe Moja Love has enough money to pay him.

Below are reactions from netizens commenting on Jub Jub’s lawsuit against Moja Love.


Suing the channel which gave him a chance when no one else wanted to associate with him…mnkm!


That channel was also nothing at some stage until a brand called JubJub came on board


Jub Jub is too clever for y’all he knows the settlement will be around R45-50M he’s still sorted but continue laughing….


Watched uyajola 99 without Jub and was out of there in seconds, this man knows his worth, 100 Milly all the way 


Handred million yonke. Is either he is too ambitious or lacks sense of reality. Anyway that is his prerogative of umsangano. I mean how much did he earn for him to claim such amounts. Pantiti tendencies.