Why Leeto Maputla Is Actually A Villain

Eric Macheru who plays the role of Leeto Maputla is no longer a fan-favorite since divorcing his wife, Mokgadi.

Fans are neither impressed by his stinky attitude nor appreciate how righteous he thinks of himself. He’s actually not different from his step-son, Noah who is a criminal because he was capable of hiding murder from his family and the rest of the community all in the name of “lawyer-client-confidentiality”. 

Even when Tumishang passed on, he still kept the Kgomo’s in the dark about what happened to their daughter. 

Leeto actually represents a lot of men in our society, who act holier than thou but are actually criminals. 

In just two weeks, he’s assaulted his step-son unapologetically, scared his parents, and shown them his dark side.

His mother is having nightmares and has even attempted to leave Turfloop because Leeto has ruined their reputation.

Leeto and Meikie Maputla are equal to Mokgadi and Noah. In fact, Meikie is worse than Mokgadi because she owns a gun and has killed someone with it. 

She’s even threatened to kill Mokgadi when she came to the Maputla household unannounced.

Fans of the show, no longer want Mokgadi and Leeto to get back together as they that mokgadi actually deserves better than Leeto Maputla and Leeto will get what’s coming for him.

Leeto has even managed to suck the life of Thabo’s wedding plans because all everyone is thinking about is….Kele’s death.

Perhaps it’s time for Leeto to move out of the Maputla household and lives alone because he’s not good for his family or his soon-to-be wife. 

Now that Mokgadi and Leeto are separating, fans have actually realized that Leeto is the actual villain and not Noah or his mother.

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